Dental Insurance & Financing Montclair NJ

Do you accept my dental insurance?

We are a hybrid fee-for-service dental office and work well with most insurance plans. Patients with insurance typically pay nothing the day of service. Once your Insurance pays their portion, a bill will be sent for the balance. We have worked this way for 30 years and have thousands of happy patients and find this arrangement very convenient. We also aim to help our patients make their dental care affordable while receiving the highest standard of care. We even have other dentists calling us to compliment us on our work! Call our office with any questions you may have at Edgemont Dental Arts Phone Number (973) 744-9330.

85% of our patients have some form of dental insurance. We will process your dental claims and follow up to make sure the maximum benefit was received.

Why go to a dentist Who is not “on the list of providers”?

Dental insurance does not work like medical insurance. It is more like an “allowance.” Generally, the maximum amount of benefits is $1000-1500 per year. According to The NY Times, this benefit has not changed in over 50 years. And these benefits are paid only after certain deductibles are met.

Dentists who participate in dental plans are restricted by the types of procedures they can perform and the materials they can use. For instance, carriers will often only “allow” an all-metal cap, crown or filling on a back tooth even when many natural-looking ceramic alternatives have existed for the last 15 years. Many “participating” dentists get around this by assessing an “up-charge” or “lab-charge” if you want the better materials. Our office is able to treat every patient with the best and most esthetic materials available and keep you smiling for years to come. No “up-charges” ever. 

What if I don’t have insurance / do you have financing available?

No one should go without the dental care they need. Therefore, we offer additional help for patients who need longer payment times. We have an in-office 0% financing payment plan up to 5 months.

For patients who need longer payment windows, we accept Care Credit to help spread the cost of treatment up to a year. If you would like an extended payment plan please click the button below to see if you qualify and help make your treatment more affordable.

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