Advanced Dental Technology Montclair NJ

We Utilize State-of-the-Art Technology To Give You Amazing Results

Precision & Comfortable Dentistry

When you seek care at our office, you are assured that Dr. Davidson and staff utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality for your dental care.

Many dentists still use air-driven handpieces (the dental term for “drills”). While acceptable for some procedures, these air-powered handpieces do not rotate smoothly. This causes vibration and discomfort.

For most procedures, we use electric handpieces. These handpieces offer a significant reduction in noise and vibration allowing for a far more pleasant experience.

Intraoral Camera

An Intraoral Camera allows our practice to view clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, in order for us to accurately make a diagnosis. You get to see exactly what we see when we do our examination.

Advanced Technology Advanced Technology

These photos demonstrate the decay and fracture occurring  underneath old, silver fillings.  The patient had no symptoms and the x-rays were negative.

Advanced Diagnostics

CBCT scan Montclair, NJ

Our office utilizes the most advanced imaging to date. Most dental offices only use 2D films. Teeth are not 2D images. They require 3D analysis. We have a CBCT scanner in the office to achieve this goal. The CBCT scanner allows us to visualize a tooth, pathology and your jaws in 3 dimensions allowing for definitive diagnoses and precision surgery. This means better outcomes for you and your family.